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*Disclaimer: 99% of stuff found on this blog is the work of fans, lots of rebloging along with a few of my own edits. I hope you enjoy!!



Some of us would like to enjoy their ship without hate written upon the fanfiction and fanart. I for one would like to enter a tag and…

And I’ve always thought this was a good song from Emily’s POV about Emison. Anyone agree?

And I’ve always thought this was a good song from Emily’s POV about Emison. Anyone agree?

Can we please talk about Sasha’s singing? Like man just when I thought I couldn’t love her more. And then every time I listen to any of her songs it just makes me love her more and more again. This girl is amazing.

Super cute and fluffy Emison one shot featuring stuffed animals! Not as lame as it sounds haha

Good news: I have an outline for the cutest fluffiest Emison one shot! Gonna start writing tomorrow. Bad News: I’m lost as how to continue Sleepless Nights in ch. 3

Can we please dicuss how amazingly talented Sasha Pieterse is? Like she is so damn good at acting. She should win all the awards!

Takes place the morning after Emily stays up all nignt watching over Alison. Emison! Please read and review! :)

After rewatching tonights episode I’m wondering if Karma over heard Amy’s phone message to Shane, you know the one where she’s pacing her room talking about this being her last chance to see if Karma has feelings for her and she should make her want her to stay in the threesome.

The first time I watched it I had the fweling someone was gonna come into the room, that someone being Karma, but it didn’t happen. But after watching the second time I noticed there was an awful lot of concentration on the doorway and the framing from outside the door as if we the viewer were about to walk into Amy’s room. The camera kept pulling out and focusing on the doorway as to give a sense of foreshadowing.

So maybe Karma was there for another practice session or something, stopped when she heard Amy talking on the phone, overheard everything, and left confused as hell wondering what the hell she heard. This could then explain Karma’s almost reluctance to kiss Amy (like she’s really given a shit before) at the threesome, and why she looked so confused and “oh shit” like (look at her eyes!!) Then when they finally do kiss it’s much different than the other kisses they’ve had, much slower, curious, soft. It was like a real first kiss when you explore and get to know how this mouth feels and moves.

And because she overheard Amy’s phone message she knows hoe Amy feels and because all that is conflicting her thoughts she can read new meaning behind their kiss and that’s why she really feels it and reacts the way Amy did after their first kiss. And why she gets so hurt and leaves after Liam kisses Amy cause she has no idea what the fuck is happening anymore and how to process it all. She obviously felt something with Amy and is not sure how to come to terms with that. And judging by next weeks episode promo Karma is in denial of her feelings.

A Maxoline fanfic taking place after Andy leaves the cabin in the season 2 episode And The Bear Truth. Max teies to cheer up a sad and depressed Caroline.

My first Maxoline fanfic. An added scene for season 2 And The Bear Truth.  Takes place in the cabin right after Andy leaves.