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*Disclaimer: 99% of stuff found on this blog is the work of fans, lots of rebloging along with a few of my own edits. I hope you enjoy!!

My first Maxoline fanfic. An added scene for season 2 And The Bear Truth.  Takes place in the cabin right after Andy leaves.

A Maxoline fanfic taking place after Andy leaves the cabin in the season 2 episode And The Bear Truth. Max teies to cheer up a sad and depressed Caroline.

Merry Christmas! I would love if yall could send me links to some cute holiday fanfics, I feel like reading. Pretty please???

My first Bechole fic! I’ve written for Jori, Rizzles, and Fimogen, but this is my first stab at Bechole. It’s a cute innocent one shot, would love your support so please check it out!


I want to read some jori fics,can anyone request me some?

I’d love for you to check out my fic Midnight Dreams :)

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Reblog this everytime you see it on your dash, if it gets enough notes maybe our shipper’s dream come true in two years.

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Just got a great idea for a new Jori fanfic, but if course I have 4 research papers to write by the end of this month. Damn school.

Watching Jeopardy and this was one of the clues.

Watching Jeopardy and this was one of the clues.

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QuestionJori fanfic recommendations, All Over Again, The Suns In My Heart, Streetlights, Behind Enemy Lines, Running To A Standstill :) Anwser

Thanks so much! I’ll definitely check these out.

I’m looking for some good Jodi stories to read so let me know whats good please?